About Us

Hello friends,

This is sana, who is the founder of Govt-Vacancy

I am currently software engineer and also running  Govt-Vacancy site.

I hope this site will grow well. I will provide good and correct information to my visitors. Will provide the correct information about the government release, the date of the exams to be held as well as the admit card at the right time.

I will tell the information of the releases in my site very closely and in such a way that the visitor can easily understand all the information.

I’ve already told myself I know it’s not enough to believe in my skills. But let me tell you that I have been in this field for at least three years, I have an office where my team works to create software and manage the site, as well as to provide correct and accurate information. This office is in the same city where I was born.

If you agree with our skill and commitment, then welcome to our blogging family.

yours truly

Vikas Sharma